Saturday, March 07, 2009

I Drank This

With all that implies... :-) A week of good dieting behavior out the window! I had dinner with Fernando & Sunil last night at Regional Thai Taste, and, got thoroughly inebriated via a high-proof liquid sugar concoction called a 'Thai Floating Market..' Btw, the linked review lies - the food was red hot last night, hardly 'about as spicy as a Baptist Picnic, so request extra-hot.  Any hotter and I'd be in ER... : -)  Pictured left: an actual Thai Floating Market.  

Oh well, I guess I'll just do 180 minutes of aerobics today instead of 30. : - ) I woke up groggy, about 11 hours later... For a few scary minutes, I thought I'd left my iPhone® and new camera at the restaurant. I love locating the iPhone® by dialing it from my landline. (there.. an excuse to keep my antiquated landline!).
I wish I could dial anything I owned, frankly. Each thing, with its own ringtone... My ringtone for myself is The Shins' mid-tempo 60s guitar goodness and lyrical sharpness of 'Turn A Square.' At the end of this post, a fan video of 'Turn A Square..'

Late afternoon I'll venture across the East River to Long Island City to a birthday party/dinner, friends of JP; I also get to see JP's pad.

This is so charming for an amateur fan video:

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