Monday, March 02, 2009

Hip To Be (Ironically, Creatively) Square..

Today's wonderful song, 'Three Women', is new work by the seminal UK group Stereolab, which burst on the early 1990s music scene as 'post-rock'.... fashioning their melodic, midtempo confections from lounge music, 1960s pop, vintage electronic keyboards, and even bossa nova. Singing in English and French, their surrealist and hypnotic but always pretty soundscapes sometimes had subtlely leftist snippets tossed among the lyrics. This was ground breaking, bringing the campy 'square' side of the 60s back into favor.. They remind me a lot of accompanying my Mom to department stores when I was 5 or 6...

Just watch the psychedelic colors and images and listen to the rhythmic 60s lounge music gone electronica that is Stereolab's 'Three Women'!

Their most admired album is 1996's 'Emporer Tomato Ketchup', from which this delightful black & white clip for the orchestrated Frenchness of 'Cybele's Reverie'

The following year brought their second masterpiece 'Dots and Loops..' here's that album's most famous track, 'Miss Modular,' performed live in Rio de Janeiro with images of that city's more workaday streets..

and did I say how much I love their album art?

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