Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Thomas! and Vagner!

And a happy, happy birthday to my good friend Thomas who lives down in Buenos Aires..  And tomorrow, Feliz Aniversario / Feliz Cumpleaños / Happy Birthday to Vagner, the other half of this happy couple...

Vagner is sweet, lively, and adventurous (he left Brazil to join Thomas in mi Buenos Aires querido). Thomas is an inspiring person and photographer.   To salute him on his special day, a selection of amazing photos taken from his wonderful blogs, www.buenosairesphotographer.com, and www.thomaslockehobbs.com

Favela vs Luxury Towers - São Paulo


Tipa blooms - Buenos Aires

Jacaranda blooms

Ochava - Thomas loves these angles & shadows

Rain shot from their window

Iguazu Falls reflected in Vagner's shades

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