Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Girl Drink Drunk

Brian says I'm a Girl Drink Drunk. He'll never let me live down singing 'We Are The World' on 7th Ave at the top of my drunken lungs. Do not befall the same fate, I implore you! Watch this brief public service announcement, courtesy of Kids in the Hall..

Which One, Mom?

I'm having a lovely couple of days, with some major upgrades that were long-overdue: an ergonomic office chair for my desk, an iPod 3G with a great phone signal (my old iPod felt like the cone of silence!), weekly Russian conversation lessons... Last summer, during Mom's visit, I mentioned I might be replacing some of my art and she expressed interest in one of these batiks, but I can't remember which one..

Batik #1: Indonesian rice paddy workers; no glass

Batik #2: red and yellow tableau of Indonesian motifs; under glass

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