Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Year Of Cooking Rapturously

Let it be 2009!  In the words of my pal David, 'I love gastronomy!' Here's a delicious-looking dinner David and Paul cooked up with no particular recipe.. In coming days, my own (increasing) cooking...

shrimp and white asparagus in white wine and butter with scallions over brown rice.
Explains David: " just fresh shrimp in a pan with butter, white wine, fresh lemon juice, scallions, salt. "

cornmeal sugar cookies with zest-laced lemon-lime icing.  David again: "You don't have to roll out the dough and cut out the cookies - just roll little balls of dough and then flatten them with the flour-dusted bottom of a glass. The icing I just whipped together confectioner's sugar and fresh lime juice and zest. These really were delicious - like shortbread but with a more sandy texture and some tartness from the lime."

David also made a salad with
various types of sprouts, fresh rosemary, goat cheese and tiny fried pancetta cubes.

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