Wednesday, November 05, 2008

New Map For America!

Blue-Red America leaps into purple territory, we hope.... Thank you, President-Elect Obama.  Photos courtesy of Deena, snapped at
Rockefeller Center skating rink, where it provided icy updates throughout election night..

Another view. Note that at press time, North Carolina still not called from Obama, as we deem very likely...
My friend erstwhile North Carolina native David Masse is proud that the Tar Heel State chose a Democratic woman as Governor and Senator, and, apparently, look set to give its 15 electors to Obama, bringing him up to 364, in Clinton territory...

It was a great feeling
watching the revelers at Rockefeller Plaza - NBC election central - just a few dozen blocks way... We heard honking horns from passing cars until at least 3am, easily within our 10th floor, open-window earshot...

It couldn't,
and, thankfully, it didn't...

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