Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Endless Central America

I continue to drag out my Volcano Trail Tale... We were about 85% done, about to show a very rainy arrival on the steep sloping cobblestone streets of Copan Ruinas.. But we'll push that back a few days because.... I've now gone through Erik's photos - Erik is my close friend from Boston who accompanied me on that isthmic odyssey... Let's start with a picture of me in front of our Antigua, Guatemala inn!

Coati mundi in Costa Rica.. Aren't they adorable?

This is an amazing photo by Erik! - look at the color contrasts - it looks like a mix of color and black and white - here we are whiling away the rainy hours on Omatepe Island in Lake Nicaragua

A cool Canadian traveling companion surrounded by Costa Rican Youth...

This isn't me, but I really did this! I flew above the cloud forest canopy of Costa Rica on a zipline!

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