Monday, November 17, 2008

Do Dancing Days Deliver Deep Delights?

I just can't seem to heed Mr. William Safire's exhortation to 'avoid asinine alliteration....'

So I'm writing this a week in advance, before election day, so when you read this, I'll either be very happy (99.99% certainty) or hiding under my bed until 2012... :-) I'm going to make an optimistic leap of faith about not only the election, but the state of the economy, the country, the world, and even my love life.. : -)

For that reason, I've chosen a as today's Song Of The Week 'Home Sweet Home.' This pretty and perky pastiche is by Those Dancing Days, a five-woman combo that nods at the mid-60s (garage rock) and early 80s (the Go-Gos). The way cool video inserts, in turn, the band members into classic mid-century technicolor postcards.. Enjoy it, sip it.. It's good to the last drippy-drop-drop...

The barely legal fivesome hail from Stockholm, and are influenced by both girl groups and Northern Soul. They took their interesting moniker, improbably from the Led Zeppelin classic 'Dancing Days.' Not from Wang Chung's Dance Hall Days, an Aaron favorite from 1984. Wang Chung, of course, are a decidedly un-Asian UK duo named fancifully for the sound of whacking one's guitar chords..

Here's a second helping, their even more new-wavy follow-up single, 'Hitten.'

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