Sunday, September 07, 2008

Under The Volcano

GAP wasn't kidding when they named my Central American vacation 'The Volcano Trail' - wherever we went, the terrain was hilly or mountainous, and volcano sightings (and visits) were frequent. We spent Days 2 and 3 at La Fortuna, gateway to the sports and adventure of Costa Rica's Arenales volcano region.. Here's Arenales, front and center...

Our first evening at La Fortuna, we took a night hike to the backside of Arenales and were able to see tiny sparks and lava sputtering from its tip, in the distance.... Couldn't capture that detail on film, though...

After the hike, we spent two lovely hours at the local thermal baths, dozens of pools of soothing, volcanically-warmed water. I quickly imbibed a potent 'funky monkey' with rum and banana liquer, and soon I was flying....

We were offered adventures such as scaling waterfalls and rafting class 4 river rapids. But I had a headcold and Erik was only 8 weeks recovered from broken ribs. We chose mellower adventures, beginning with a class 1 float down a peaceful brown river... Here I am before the ride. Under my lifevest: breathing, 'cool max' hiking clothes to keep me dry and cool..

More on that ride Tuesday, plus a visit to a forest-dwelling family and
kayaking around the volcano itself...

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