Monday, August 11, 2008

Song/Video of the Week below

Volcano Trail Day 6

Ometepe, Nicaragua

Two towering volcanoes dominate the landscape on Ometepe, an island on Lake Nicaragua, which is also home to the unique fresh water lake shark.

Seriously Stoopid

In a good way! Hey, I am on vacation, you know... You either love or hate The Ting Tings, who provide this week's Song/Video of the Week, 'Great DJ.'

Ting Tings are Jules De Martino and Katie White, boy-girl duo from the suburbs of Manchester, and they have a simple formula.

Just take a brilliant, forgotten pop-rock riff, and build a so-silly-it's-hip slice of European dance pop around it.

They manage to very convincingly write and sing as if English were only their second language. :- )

'Great DJ' is either irresistible or insufferable, depending on your cup of oo-long. Its departure point is the guitar riff intro of Eddie Money's awesome 1978 'Baby Hold On.'

Their even more strident follow up, 'Shut Up And Let Me Go,' is built on a fragment of a forgotten Rolling Stones album track, the terrific 'Dance Part 2' from 1980's 'Emotional Rescue.'

For your listening and watching pleasure, below are the clips for both our SOTW and its inspiration...

First, the video clip for 'Great DJ:'

And, especially for those of you who weren't alive in 1978, here's 'Baby Hold On', by Eddie Money, whose intro inspired 'Great DJ.'

Cartoons du Jour:

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