Monday, August 18, 2008

Song/Video of the Week below, but first, a birthday greeting and a vacation update...

Happy Birthday, Karen!

A big Happy Birthday Hug to my friend Karen, from thousands of miles away in Central America. Have a great one! Karen and her partner Donna really brighten up my day...

Here we are on video, brunching at East of Eighth..

Volcano Trail Day 13

Utila, The Bay Islands, Honduras

"Once the home of British pirates, a unique culture developed here when the British moved a population of slaves from the Caribbean island of San Vincent to nearby Roatan in 1795. From this seed grew a large Garifuna culture that spread through northern Honduras and into Guatemala. One finds English, Garifuna and Spanish spoken here with descendants of all three cultures populating the island."

Stars Live In The Evening..

... but the very young, need the sun, uh-huh... Old Blondie lyrics for you.. I'm still on vacation, but SOTW continues today with Stars, the award-winning six-member Canadian indie-pop band that my friend Emerson, while visiting me from Brazil, actually met backstage, after making a pilgrimage out to Hackensack NJ to see them. That was a run on sentence. : - ) Today's SOTW is their recent single, 'Take Me To The Riot,' which is much prettier and mellower than its title.

Stars have been described as 'characterized by lush instrumentation, nimble production and mixing, narrative lyrics, and soft but nuanced vocals.' I got that from Wikipedia so it just
can't be wrong, can it now?

At left, the latter-day-impressionist cover art from their lovely recent album, 'In Our Bedroom After The War.'

Video clip for 'Take Me To The Riot'

Live clip of 'The Ghost of Genova Heights'

Cartoon du Jour:

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