Sunday, July 13, 2008

How Now, São Paulo?

As you read this, I should be enjoying the 75F wintry lull of São Paulo, Brazil, the mega-metropolis where I'll be resting up for a week-long marathon of company interviews. First, a picture after lunch yesterday with my friends. Left to right: Marco, Eduardo, me, and Milton...

I'm preloading pictures all week, to share local color and flavor. Here's Galerias Pajé, a colorful building housing a mall:

Braz 9 - Galeria Pajé

History building, University of São Paulo...
Braz 7a - Univ Sao Paulo - History Building

Social contrasts in São Paulo's Santo Amaro area: upscale high-rises and shabby shanties... This was once a German immigrant neighborhood, and a separate city. In 1935, it was absorbed by São Paulo much like NYC had swallowed Brooklyn a half-century earlier. Today's poor squatters are the legacy of the great migration to Brazil's urban centers from the country's parched northeast in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
Braz 4  - Contrastes sociais - Santo Amaro -São Paulo, SP, Brasil.

Cartoon du Jour:

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