Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Birthday, Andres!

A big Happy Birthday hug to my dear friend (and first boyfriend), Andres, way, way down south, 6,000 miles down in Buenos Aires, Argentina.. Since Andres is almost seven months older than me (born in a different decade!), his birthdays let me 'try on' the age for size.. This year he turns... can you believe it?.... 49! Here he is two years ago in B.A.

..and now, some photos I took last month in Jackson Heights, where I lived 15 years, 4 of them with Andres....That neighborhood is traversed by an overhead train, the #7, which was in (faint) earshot of my third-floor apartment.. a rumble in the distance, like the fury of the ocean...

Gazing up at the intense sunshine, through the elevated train tracks...

My old subway station entrance... Oh, the thousands of times I've walked up and down this staircase...

Se habla espaƱol en Jackson Heights. This sign says 'We moved.' So did I....

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