Saturday, July 12, 2008

Foreign Trip #115

Off I went, into the wild blue yonder. As you read this, I'm probably just arriving in Brazil , where I'll be for a week-long business trip, mostly in São Paulo. After that, I'll spend the weekend in Buenos Aires, Argentina and return home the morning of Monday, July 20th, which is also World Friendship Day, nine days from now...

Statistics, for those who are curious: it'll be my 24th trip to Brazil, and my 19th trip to Argentina, as these are my second and third most frequently visited countries. Mexico remains the reigning champ, with 28 visits. This will also make 36 South American trips, 66 Latin American trips (Mexico being the difference), and 76 foreign business trips. It's the 27th trip as an employee of ABN and probably the last, as we'll become RBS within a month or two, I hope.

Cartoons du Jour de Departure:

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