Monday, July 21, 2008

Father and Son League

Today's SOTW, as I arrive bleary-eyed from Argentina, is the endearing 'You Can't Fool Me Dennis' by Mystery Jets. There aren't many father and son pairing in the annals of rock, but Blaine Harrison launched Mystery Jets with his Dad, Henry Harrison, firmly on board. Dad now records with the band, but doesn't tour with them for some reason..

That's them at left, on either side of the blond kid.

The Harrisons and their friends make full-bodied but quirky music with one foot in prog-rock and the other in new wave. The family hails from Eel Pie Island, an odd sliver of London stranded in the Thames River than can only be reached by footbridge or boat!

Shades of the Beatles, this group has different releases for the UK and US markets! Mystery Jets caught on here by word of mouth when album one, 'Making Dens,' was thoroughly played out at home and album two, 'Twenty One,' was nearly complete. So their American record company put together 'Zootime,' combining the first album with some EPs and singles, to launch them here. You can't buy their more recent, and very well-reviewed 'Twenty One' album in the US yet, for love or money. But you can see its charming singles on YouTube, which are 'Young Love' and 'Two Doors Down.' Today, we'll focus mostly on the treasure trove that is 'Zootime.'

Clip for 'You Can't Fool Me Dennis':

Clip for 'The Boy Who Ran Away':

Brand new & Unreleased in US: 'Young Love'

Cartoon du Jour:

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