Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More from NYC Pridefest 2008 - happiness is sunshine, community, a good tune and a cute underwear model... : - )

White Bread

and mayonnaise. The atmosphere at the RBS building in Greenwich, CT, which we journeyed to two weeks back... Here I am out front, with my Coach bag and my laptop, a man in a suitcase

Greenwich is upscale. Maybe that's why this building has a dock, so those employees with boats can sail to work. How nice for them. :-) MetroNorth certainly didn't feel like sailing.

The shrubbery was impeccable..

Taking in the royal brick and concrete vastness of it all..

RBS will soon bid farewell to Greenwich, and move even farther away, to Stamford, where it's building 'Castlerock,' a much-ballyhooed design that we'll showcase on a forthcoming post. Why MRI? Someone's initials. Or are they new at MRIs, without enough money for a real sign. : - )

Cartoons du Jour:

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