Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Making Their Orange Move

Moving day for most of my colleagues... Here's a live report, filmed last Friday, the 13th...

'Am I living in a box?,' asked an late-80s song by a group of the same name. 'Pretty boxes, made of ticky tacky,' sang Phil Ochs, imitated weekly in the opening theme of 'Weeds.' Orange boxes...

My employer, ABN is currently being 'digested' by Royal Bank of Scotland aka RBS, and part of this process is leaving our lovely green glass tower in Midtown Manhattan - Most of my colleagues are headed for RBS headquarters up in Greenwich CT. Rent-a-Crate can be reached at 1-800-i-CRATE-2, if you were wondering...

Others will go there, or elsewhere, at some point, space permitting... Life is so strange, destination unknown, sang Missing Persons in 1983... Yes, that's a box of Special K in there, with all of a salesperson's worldly belongings...

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