Friday, July 04, 2008

Vintage Aaron

Happy Fourth! Last night I had a pleasant little cocktail party in honor of my visiting friend Thomas.

Fun fun fun: You'll get a kick out of my latest achievement in cluelessness.. : - ) At 3pm yesterday, I looked down at my feet and saw, to my amusement and chagrin, two different shoes!

To make things worse, both shoes badly needed a shine. If I'd had them shined yesterday, I would have 1) provoked hilarity among the sweet Brazilian shoe-shining set, and 2) wound up with two pairs that are half shined and half grimy, setting up another day of unmatched shoes, but on opposite feet...

My faux-foot pas went largely unnoticed (except to my inner circle, to whom I pointed it out), as the two shoe models were the same color, brand, and style, differing only in pattern - the horizontal line and the arch, I call them...

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