Sunday, June 08, 2008

Happy Birthday, Gene!

Here's Gene with Jim at a winery in Alsace, where we traveled with Sundance Outdoor almost two years ago....

And here's Gene again, same vacation, as we enjoyed a picnic among Alsatian castle ruins..

The Food Journey: Piola

Three weeks back, to celebrate Christi's birthday, we went to Piola on 48 E 12th St, which offers pizza and Italian cuisine... Though Italian in origina, its popularity spread through Latin America before landing on these shores, and there were vague Latin overtones in the decor and mood.. I went with the tortellini with tuna and fennel. A veritable poem to my taste buds..

Christi opted for - and greatly enjoyed - pizza, not an Aaron favorite as you know.. Toward evening's end, they struck up the band....
DSC04052 DSC04044

For dessert, Christi chose 'Torta Nera con Gelato' or 'Black Cake with Ice Cream,' while I enjoyed the very Brazilian-esque 'Creme de Papaya,' with papaya, ice cream, and cassis liquor...
DSC04045 DSC04046

Cartoons du Jour:

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