Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Food Journey: Wanata

Not every journey is worth the effort. :-) But good company like Karen and Donna can make an interesting but just OK meal kind of special. Soaked to the bone by heavy rainfall after baking 10 hours in the sun of Brooklyn Pridefest, any Thai restaurant was good in a storm. That restaurant was Wanata, in Park Slope... The only really great dish we ate was the mango salad.

I went with the Tofu in Ginger Sauce, but whatever ginger might once have been in this dish apparently boiled away...

Donna had a Tofu Curry, pictured here over glutinous rice..

The glutinous rice was served in a plastic pouch, inside a bamboo basket.. Extracting it from the pouch is a bit of an art...

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