Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy Birthday, Donna!

A hearty birthday salute to my friend Donna (right), here with her partner (left) and their recent open house party in Sunset Park, their new neighborhood. It was a lovely afternoon, their friends are refreshingly smart, creative, and diverse...

Happy Birthday, Harry! - Harry 86

Harry, Brian's father, takes a licking but keeps on ticking. We should be grateful to him for 1) fighting and winning the Second World War; and 2) taking Brian to see both (erstwhile) pop superstars ABBA and seminal LA punk band X. May Harry's sunset be long and golden - I salute a kind, decent, and unpretentious man on living 86 years. When Harry was born, the Soviet Union was less than 5 years old. Calvin Coolidge had just assumed the presidency after scandal-plagued Warren Harding gave up the goast. Talk cinema was eight years away, and actual TV was 23 years away.

Here's a 'Harry-o-Rama' of photos. In the middle photo, he wears a silly hat for the holidays...
Harry2Harry in Hall HatHarry3

Short Street, Long Story - Part 2 and Conclusion

Brian unearthed this saga when he found the youngest Mills child on classmates.com. He was able to contact her older sister, Linda, who met with Brian and generously shared her childhood photo collection of the house in its pre-Hall-years. Here's that old wallpaper, revealed...


Here's the NEW wallpaper, meaning put up in the 1970s, not the 1950s... it shows! I know this kitchen well.. That's Brian's Dad (Harry the Birthday Boy), and Linda, now in her 50s, one of the daughters you saw in yesterday's black & white photos..


Linda by the backyard pool, in beautiful 2008 color...


Cartoon du Jour: It's Not You, Babe...

Engrish du Jour: One has to admire their bravery...

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