Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Pat!

It's always a pleasure to birthday-salute a great friend - I just wish I were a better portrait photographer. I've known Pat Stumpp since the first day of my 26-year career, which means that of all my friends only my family's known me longer...
I've always admired Pat greatly for many reasons - she's been a role model for me of sorts, for both her consummate professionalism and her intense loyalty to her family, through thick and thin. We both grew up in Nassau County, grandchildren of immigrants, in the great post-war suburban splendor... So many memories...

Fiery Volcano Lava

Add a little glamour, and that's how I would describe the Long Blondes' vocalist, Kate Jackson, whose vocal timber and cutting intensity recall a young Chrissie Hynde... But before we get to last week's Long Blondes concert, here's a REAL volcano eruption from Southern Chile - the Llaima (Yahy-ma) erupted on back on New Year's Day.. Here it is in glorious living color, from LiveLeak.com...

Yes, Long Blondes modernize the Pretenders' taut and lean tough-girl new wave, but they're gloriously inventive in doing so.. Here's the lovely rock lament of 'Weekend Without Makeup'

This decent-sized clip of 'You Could Have Both' cuts right through, with energy, grit, and bared truth to spare...

My photos are farm from perfect, but they do prove that I was there : - )


Cartoon du Jour:

Engrish du Jour: We Have To Get At The Root Causes of Horniness...

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