Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Food Journey: The Top of Latin America

On Tuesday and Wednesday I made a quick business trip to Mexico City. Our meetings took place in Torre Mayor (Big Tower), the tallest building in Latin America at the moment, with 51 very high floors. On Tuesday we dined at '51,' the exclusive restaurant on with stunning views in every direction. I'll show you those later on. For now, some stunning food:

Salmon in Mustard Sauce with Miniature Polenta Pancakes:

For dessert, how could I resist a very decorative Fig Tart? The figs and crust were heavenly, but the creamy part disappointed a bit. That's my blackberry you see there...

Mexicans eat a huge lunch from 2pm-4pm, and after such a feast I needed no dinner. Wednesday's lunch was at Park's, a New York-style steak house (!!) in the Hotel Presidente Intercontinental. Shared appetizers included this colorful, zesty beef carpaccio, served with avocado and lemon and crowned with a giant purple leaf full of tomato and palmito!

Rarely have Calamari so melted in my mouth, after a squirt of tangy lemon, so divine...


Our Mexican hosts are huge admirers of hash browns, and consider this to be the fullest realization of that concept... It was crunchy, and I love crunchy...

Surrounded by top-quality steak, I chose the swordfish, cooked to tender perfection, with herb butter and a dollop of hash browns on the north side of the plate...

Cartoon du Jour: We'll Always Have Paris

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