Monday, March 10, 2008

It's the end of my kitchen as we know it... and I feel fine....

My candlelight dinner farewell to construction-free living...

DSC02735DSC02714Oops! Last week's post on Bart & Ashley's lovely dinner failed to include Bart and Ashley... here they are!

Art On My Doorstep: Karen Arm

On a recent gallery romp I came up this astronomy-and-geometry-inspired artwork by Karen Arm at PPOW gallery at 555 West 25th St. It's a great exhibit, and it's running through March 22... Some highlights below...

"Untitled Planetary Body"
Karen Arm Untitled_Planetary body 2_2008_66x54

"Star Field"
Karen Arm star field_med

"Untitled Purple Swirl"
Untitledpurple swirl1999_66x48_main

"Blue Branches Orange"

"Incense 1"

Cartoon du Jour:

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