Monday, December 31, 2007

And The Winner Is...

We finish our Music Countdown of my favorite albums of 2007...

It was close. Shins and New Pornographers were both delightful and flawless, but so was Spoon, and Spoon lept a few steps forward whereas the aforementioned peers "merely" consolidated their considerable strengths..

Let's hear it for Spoon!

#1 - Spoon - "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga"

Sound: Indie rock that is both minimalist and crisp and full of life;

What’s So Special: They can sound haunting and experimental at one moment and channel the Beatles, Billy Joel, or Hall & Oates the next; lead singer Britt Daniel’s protean, throaty voice; six solid albums, each one better than and building upon its predecessor.

Favorite Lyrics: 1) "Famous-sounding words make your head feel light; " 2) "Life can be so fair / let it go on and on / I can push for good / you got that cherry bomb; " 3) "I want to forget how conviction fits / but can I get out from under it?" 4) "It can't all be wedding cake, it can't all be boiled away"

Fun Facts: 1) Ignored by radio, TV and film have been friendlier to Spoon – Their urgent Beatlesque ‘The Way We Get By’ was used heavily in ‘The OC’ and the movie ‘Garden State.’ They’ve played frequently on late-night talk shows and musical-guested Saturday Night Live in October; 2) They’re now a ‘long-distance’ band, as Daniel moved to Portland, Oregon in 2006 but his four bandmates remain in their native Austin; 3) There is a Swedish electronic duo called ‘Knife’, and allmusic.com lists bands named Fork, P.L.A.T.E., and Table, but not Chair

and here's the music:

For many indie-rock fans, this is THE single of 2007… and I do love it… Billy Joel must be smiling somewhere : - )

Spoon chugs a 1965 rhythm as the Ghost of Motown Past - From my favorite album of the year, my favorite song of the year, ‘You Got Your Cherry Bomb..’ Spoon hasn’t bothered to make it a video (yet), but this fan did, and it’s pretty awesome…

Spoon are very ‘crisp’ live – here Britt Daniel does his Darryl Hall thang on ‘Don’t You Evah’…

Cartoon du Jour:

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