Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All Misc-ed Up

Here are some miscellaneous good shots from three weeks ago, followed by a few timely cartoons and some hilarious overheard dialogue.... But first: Will tree roots devour São Paulo? Interesting post by Thomas..

I like unusual angles and lighting on ordinary objects.

Where The Boys Are: Before the Broadway strike, Christi & I saw 'Putnam County Spelling Bee.' In keeping with the junior high gym decor, the men's room was demoted to 'boys' room...'

I've seen the future, and it works. With video/internet, these are not your grandfather's phone booths (and you thought they were disappearing. didn't cha? didn't cha?)

from Morgan Friedman's 'Overheard in New York' site - an instant classic...

"You Tell Me -- He's Right There Next to the Tuna"

Fish guy: Yeah, my dad died of colon cancer in 2001.
Blonde: Oh, how's he doing?

--Grocery store, Astoria, Overheard by: Dustin, Headline by: Mr. Gee

Runners-Up Headlines for this quote:
· "'Great Listener' Is On Her Resumee" - Denny
· "Decomposing Quite Nicely, Thank You for Asking" - RBNY
· "I'd Say His Condition Is Stable" - Tadzio
· "Rolling Over About Now" - Kaitlen
· "Rotting, No Doubt" - Katy
· "Well, Mom Won't Share a Bed with Him Anymore." - Cassie
· "Worst Pick-up, Best Blow-off" - halfknot

Cartoons du Jour:

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