Wednesday, August 22, 2007

And Now, # 109 - See You Labor Day!

Tonight I continue my summer vacation for another week or two, with no posts while I'm gone. Do check Thomas' blog however, for lovely Mexico shots this and next week. I'm taking a tour of Eastern Europe, this will be my 109th foreign trip, my 40th foreign vacation, and my 29th trip to Europe. If I complete the trip, and am not called home for work reasons, this would be my first visit to Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary.

I'm going with GAP/Intrepid, who planned my Peru/Macchu Picchu climb in late 2002 and my Thailand/Cambodia trip in early 2003... They do a great job of keeping it real and reasonably priced - their trips culturally insightful, ecologically correct, and, just plain fun!

While I'm gone, I can be reached via blackberry (my work e-mail). Enjoy the twilight of summer...

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In just 7 short years you can go on Elderhostel trips! ;)
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