Sunday, February 05, 2006

Gods and Monsters

Since I returned I've seen the dead chopped up and brought back to life, but I also saw Melquíades Estrada buried no less than three times. "Frankenstein" is of course the first of those two references, and I highly recommend James Whale's ultra-high-quality 71 minute masterpiece by that name, filmed in 1931. Whale set the bar high, and raised it further with 1935's 'Bride of Frankenstein' Atmospheric and succinct, Whale created the Frankenstein images which have become iconic and almost clichés through years of parody and copying - hunchback digging in graveyards, stretchers hoisted up dark castles toward lightning bolts, villagers with torches pursuing the monster. But of course Whale's 1931 audience had never before seen these images, and found them quite horrifying. It's sad that we, too, are unable to see this movie with 'virgin eyes.' I do look forward to re-watching 'Gods and Monsters,' a tale of the gay director's later years and his curious bond with a hunky but troubled gardener.

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