Sunday, January 22, 2006


I saw 'Transamerica' this morning with friends, a considerable pleasure that overshot my expectations. I was prepared a strong performance by Felicity Huffman in an otherwise weak movie, and found myself loving the film. It's basically a cross-country road trip of discovery with a pre-op transsexual and the street hustler son she unknowingly fathered 18 years ago while still a male. He thinks she's a church case worker, and needs a ride out West. Huffman must now face this loose end before getting authorization for the surgery, to her dismay, and the results are humorous in ways both disturbing and touching. She must discover her inner parent and confront her actual parents, who are well-meaning but also monstrous. Kevin Zegers is excellent as the abused, jaded son, who on some level still needs affection. He also looks very hot in his underpants. I felt very, very engaged with the characters and the film. Excellent direction and script from first-timer Duncan Tucker.

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