Sunday, January 29, 2006


Now, guess which movie I saw yesterday & this morning? : - ) Hey, if cinema's magic can make straight people care about gay love, the same magic can make me care about a boxer (or Syria or geishas or racist cops or unscrupulous best-selling novelists). Russell Crowe was utterly convincing, as always, right down to the perfect Jersey Depression-era accent and body language. As an artsy sports-averse gay man I even had a big benefit watching this movie: I had no idea whether he became champion or was killed in the ring - the suspense was very high. Or course, I must admit that, at age 22, I went to see "Ghandi", and I was shocked out of my skin when he was shot dead - I never knew before he was assassinated. I also missed that movie's first three minutes, obviously, since he's killed right away and then it's a flashback. Hey, in "Sunshine," I got up to pee and missed World War One...

My birthday party's today! Woo-hoo! I should really go shopping - it's in 90 minutes!

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