Monday, January 16, 2006

Out Of Order :-(

I'm still out of commission, my throat a-sore and a-scratchy, way up into my ears. My doctor informed me that traveling for work tonight was not an option, resulting in my first-ever business trip cancelled due to illness. It would have been Mexico 23, a repeat of Mexico 22 (see last week), which is how I got sick to begin with. I still have plenty of work to do from my bed, though I'll probably stay home tomorrow, too...

Golden Globes tonight, probably a historic sweep for 'Brokeback Mountain.'

I continue to watch Oscar-winning old movies - last night I finally saw 1955's "Marty," wherein two shy, lonely, homely people stop being the first two of those adjectives. Our homely hero is Ernest Borgnine, later McHale of the 50s TV service sitcom "'McHale's Navy'" - two years earlier he played a sadistic military prison warden in 'From Here to Eternity."

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