Sunday, January 08, 2006

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Everybody talk about... revenge... I saw Spielberg's "Munich" this morning with Peter and was impacted. This film tracks Israel's covert reprisal via assassination of the 11 terrorists responsible for the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, which resulted in a dozen dead athletes at the Games of Peace. It raises many questions about the effectiveness of such reprisals, which only perpetuate a cycle of spilled blood and vengeance on both sides of the conflict. Another point is that playing the terrorists' own game erodes values and humanity and turns decent people into killers. Like the "French Connection," this movie shows both sides of the law using the same tactics. Tony Kushner, the 'Angels of America' playwright, shares credit for Munich's thoughtful screenplay. "Munich" also works as an edge of your seat action movie/political thriller in many beautiful locations - Paris, Athens, London - a travelogue of blood. Spielberg has made an excellent and important movie here, one that deserves nominations for best picture, director, screenplay, and actor (Eric Bana astonishes as the mission leader), even though my vote would fall elsewhere in choosing the winners.

I ended the day in Park Slope with Bart & Ashley, feasting on Bart's mouth-watering pot roast and scrumptious cookies... Tomorrow, Mexico....

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