Monday, January 23, 2006

Never Can Say Goodbye

That's how I feel about this damn cold/bug/flu/whatever that I've now had for two weeks. I get to feeling 90% better, but that last 10% is a rough, slippery climb - this morning it seemed to slip back down toward 80% as my poor lungs started moaning 'cough, Forrest, cough....' Oh, well.

I'll have more to say on more interesting subjects later. Pictured left, Gloria Gaynor, known in the 70s as 'Queen of the Discos' before Donna Summer snatched her crown. Gaynor sang the definitive version of 'Never Can Say Goodbye' in 1974, and it was one of the first disco songs to be forced on the radio because of requests by club-goers, many of them gay, black, or both. It was, of course, a remake of a tepid old Jackson 5 hit, but Gaynor blew it away. Much later, in 1986, a young gay British singer named Jimmy Sommerville put his own stamp on the song, again through the clubs, for once a gay man singing about our lives, instead of our projecting it into female divas covertly...

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