Thursday, January 12, 2006

Major crunch time again. I have literally hours to focus and overhaul a 240-page presentation, and I am sick as a dog : - ( Medicate, medicate, medicate. On the plane home I saw "Bridge on The River Kwai," 1958's Best Picture Oscar winner, which was far more interesting and less predicatable than I expected. It's two movies in one - first, a battle of wills in a Japanese prisoner of war camp between the imprisoned British commander and his Japanese 'host' - the second, an edge-of-seat thriller as a team of allies parachutes in the jungle to blow up the railway bridge, being built by the prisoners. The film's portrayal of its characters' moral ambiguity is decades ahead of its time - no black and white characters or issues, everything complex and slippery.... Oh well, back to work....

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