Friday, January 13, 2006

Like A Woodpecker With A Headache

That's how I feel as a financial analyst with near-laryngitis level sore throat. I need my powers of verbal persuasion today. Ugh. It's my Woody Woodpecker song.....

I finished "My Fair Lady" last night, which was the 1964 Best Picture Oscar Winner. Marvelous production, acting, visual feast, and of course the songs are catchy and clever. But I can't help feeling, in 2006, that Professor Higgins is somewhat of a self-obsessed, chauvinist ass. : - ) Why on earth did Eliza return to him? I would have married Freddy, the cute enamored lad who sings 'On The Street Where You Live'

Another first: Last night, for the first time, I downloaded a TV program from iTunes and watched it on my computer. It was the Season 2 opener of "Lost."

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