Thursday, January 19, 2006

Aaron's Oscar Land Rush

I'm back to work and mostly better, having spent 5 days in bed watching 15 movies, most of them Best Picture Oscar Winners - I've now seen 72 of the 78 films that have earned this honor since 1928. And I intend to see the remaining 6 by Monday: Netflix is sending Going My Way (1944), The Great Ziegfeld (1936), and Broadway Melody (1929). The remaining three I will try to rent on VHS tonight at TLA on 8th St. These are: Wings (1928, the only silent winner), Cimarron (1931), and Cavalcade (1933).

Cimarron was the first of only two westerns to win Best Picture - none of the 'classic' Westerns ever did win, and the second winner was Clint Eastwood's revisionist Unforgiven in 1992. So if, as I expect, Brokeback Mountain becomes the 2005 winner, it will only be the third Western to win, and revisionists will outnumber traditionalists 2:1.

Cimarron is known, in particular, for a very realistic Oklahoma Land Rush scene - a gun was fired, and tens of thousands rushed across the border to claim the government's offer...

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