Saturday, November 26, 2005

From Eternity To Here

Happy belated Thanksgiving. I had quite an interesting holiday. I decided to join my gay outdoors group upstate for the day, and got about 3/4 of the way there, when the train announced it could go no further : - ). We were then put on buses, after a half an hour standing in freezing rain, by drivers who looked like they'd just been woken up. These crowded, standing-room-only buses dropped us off at Wassaic Station an hour late to mass confusion of people meeting people, and I couldn't recognize anyone from my group. Nor did I know the address and phone number of the lodge hosting the dinner - just the town. With my cel phone battery dead and no train back, I had to think fast. Luckily, I found an empty cab - apparently the only one in fifty miles. Well, empty of passengers, there was a driver. Which is fortunate since I'm not quite sure where Millerton is and was in no mood to drive. He was Hispanic, and spent the entire half-hour ride to Millerton explaining to cel phone callers, in Spanish, that they were out of luck because the train disaster resulted in no free cab in fifty miles.

I got out on Main Street in Millerton, and the only way I remembered to the lodge was a 3/4 mile hike along a rails-to-trails path through the woods, on thankfully powdery snow that did not soak my very unseasonal brown shoes. I've never been so glad to arrive anywhere, sore throat and all. Thirty lovely people, and the most delicious Thanksgiving dinner I've ever had. I began with about eight well-needed cups of hot apple cider with cloves, cinnamon, and tangelo slices. There was this hot soup with ginger, pumpkin, and carrot - the ginger really gave it a kick. Cranberry sauce from scartch with tangerines added to the cranberries, and yet more ginger. Deliciously stuffed turkey (though not quite as wonderful as Bart's turkey & stuffing from two weeks ago). It was a really lovely day. I felt much better after eating six helpings of everything, which, incidentally, precluded any notion of having dessert, and there were seven different pies. In fact, my throat was fine until.... this morning... ugh. and I have to do a presentation for work today... But , I will also watch some more movie classics, such as the one pictured here...

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