Monday, October 31, 2005

Staring Into The Boy Wonder's Eyes

Saturday night on the Subway I saw the most delightful lad in a beautiful realized costume as Robin, Batman's Boy Wonder (Lucky Batman...). This very detailed red, yellow, green, and black creation, complete with long gloves and plastic shoes spray-painted green, and super short-shorts, was a standout costume on a stand out night. I engaged him in 10 minutes of delightful conversation, and was regaled with the details of his confection, his life-long love of comic books, and his faithfulness to the comic-book version of Robin, more of a loner than either the dark film version or the light and campy 60s TV show that I so loved as a young tot. He got off at my stop, and I bid him farewell, as his lovely apparition faded into the chilly, but lively night...

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