Sunday, October 30, 2005

Blood On My Cello

As if a cut-throat barber and a human meat-pie factory weren't unusual enough fare for an uproarious musical revival of 'Sweeney Todd,' the awesome production I saw last night dispenses with multiple sets and has its actors do double duty as the orchestra.

Patti 'Evita' LuPone, hilarious as the cheerfully entreprenurial purveyor of pies made from barber-chair murder victims, not only pours her ample body into a tight mini-skirt with a big butt, but plays tuba while doing so, for good measure. What a thoroughly entertaining evening. Yes, this is the same Stephen Sondheim of 'West Side Story' and 'Gypsy' fame, as well as 'Into The Woods,' 'Assassins,'... a long list. I know less about Sondheim than a gay boy should, but I've found a wonderful site.

I've seen Patti LuPone one other time, in a hilarious non-musical revival of "Noises Off" - some time I'll have to rent the film version with Carol Burnett in her role...

And now, I've off to Mexico for 2 days, back Tuesday afternoon. Stats tomorrow.

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