Sunday, August 07, 2005

Golden Buddha Luck

I saw real golden Buddhas in Bangkok 2 1/2 years ago, traveling with Erik, Doug, and Carolyn.

This photo is the work of genius QT Luong, perhaps the Ansel Adams of our time, who has photograhped all 58 US national parks and then turned his lens to Asia. QT, by day, is an unassuming techie who worked for Thomas' father.

I've spent this weekend mostly listening to/recording audiobooks for my mp3, to accompany me to the Rockies on Friday. I particularly love "Home at the End of the World" by Michael Cunningham, author of "The Hours". I finished 2 of 13 CDs and I'm totally awed. "Home" was his first book, and brilliantly evokes the formative years of two smart, quirky, and troubled boys, one of whom will grow up to be gay, the other bisexual but mostly straight. Amazingly insightful and incisive writing. Apparently the movie version, unlike that of "The Hours", didn't do it justice.


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