Friday, July 22, 2005

Berry Happy It's Over : - )

Hey, all, here I am, rested and happy, the deal is done, and I can now legally tell you about it.

To celebrate, this morning I casually outed myself to my two wonderful banker colleagues, in case they hadn't figured out on their own that I'm gay. Last year I'd used investor trips to do the same with my trader, salespeople, and customers. This makes me very, very happy. I've been completely out in my private life since I was 19, now I'm completely out at work.

Since May I've been working 24/7 on a $100 million bond offering for a Chilean sugar company, IANSA, that's relatively unknown in our market. This involved going to Chile to study the company and confirm its creditworthiness ("due diligence"), writing the prospectus that informs potential buyers about the company and the terms of the bond ("documentation"), and, when the deal is publicly announced, marketing it to potential investors in a delicate dance between seller and buyers that determines the bond's interest rate ("placement and pricing.") Above, a raspberry, which is one of IANSA's most profitable products (Chile exports off-season frozen fruit to the Northern Hemisphere).

Finally.... Wednesday's dinner was Dosa (pictured below), an Indian specialty which is like this awesome conical pancake arranged around a mound of potato and onion, which is dipped in various Indian sauces. Hindulicious! Cartoon:

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