Monday, June 20, 2005

Wonder Castle

Images of "Howl's Moving Castle" really stuck with me. Below I share some of these with you. The plot concerns Sophie, an 18-year old girl who sells hats and incurs the envy and wrath of a witch, who spitefully turns Sophie into a 90-year old woman. Sophie then hits the road and takes shelter in a mountain-sized mechanical castle with claw-like feet, which is inhabited by a beautiful but troubled wizard, a fire spirit, and cute kid. The castle itself that suggests a darker Rube Goldberg. The story is awesome, chock-full of imagination, wonder, and heart. Don't miss it.

Short walks on a chilly June Sunday... Thus ended my weekend. Tomorrow my world morphs into a blur of endless meetings with 20 bankers, lawyers, advisers, and advisers to the advisers, first in New York, than in Chile. The marathon ends with a marathon flight from Santiago to London, 18 hours including a layover in Sao Paulo, Brazil. You'll remember that London was supposed to be our layover, en route to Paris... It's all emblematic of this career: glamorous, but physically punishing...

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