Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Race Is On

Tonight, i'm off to Santiago, Chile for a day and a half of meetings. Then, I must fly for a day and a half, to my vacation in London, Paris, and Amsterdam (to hang with Doug, Denis & Christian, and Joost & Ronald, respectively.) For those of you who are fond of my record book, here are the milestones to be reached, at the expense of my beauty sleep and stamina: This will be the first time I've flown from South America to anywhere but North America. If all goes as planned, the whole thing will collectively be my 91st foreign trip, bringing up days abroad up to 1080, just 15 shy of the three-year mark. The first leg would be my 50th trip to Latin America, my 30th to South America, and my 6th to Chile. The second leg, in contrast, would be my 26th trip to Europe, my 12th to France, my 10th to the UK, my 6th to Holland, and my 5th to Belgium. If we went through Luxembourg, which I don't expect, it would be my first time there and my 37th country overall. We plan to drive from Paris to Amsterdam and back, my first driving experience in mainland Europe and my first overseas driving experience with an automatic transmission (last year I drove a stick in Iceland).


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