Saturday, April 30, 2005

Rainy Saturday Afternoon At Work

It's a work crunch weekend, ahead of my three-day calamity of a Mexican conference. Just had a nice brunch at Bright Food Shop with my ex Brian and his boyfriend Joe, who came to town to see Kelly in Julius Caesar. Bright Food, you will recall, is where the Southwest meets the Far East, and Joe and I chose Cornmeal Griddle Cakes while Bri feasted on Tortilla French Toast with Piloncillo (shaved brown sugar) and Orange Cream. All for less than $15 a head, mind you, including fortune cookies.

At left, an art student's conceptualization of rain. Purrty, huh?

Last night I watched 90% of an "Avengers" episode on DVD, in black & white, from 1966, which I hope to finish tonight. They really are gems of wit, preserving 1960s Brit fashion, design, and architecture in televised amber. Like "Twilight Zone," it's that rare show that I enjoy as an adult as much as - perhaps more than - I did while growing up.


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