Monday, April 11, 2005

Meanwhile, Back In Vietnam...

...in some thatched hut, soft-shell crabs are a-cookin'... Vietnam, last bulwark of unspoiled Asian beauty, is a place I would love to visit one of these old days...

What a lovely weekend, the weather, the company, and the music. Who could ask for anything more?

I did watch "In The Mood for Love," a 2000 film set in early 1960s Hong Kong which has is 90 minutes of pure atmosphere, sensory candy, and wonderfully understated acting (see poster below cartoon). It centers on a man and a woman whose spouses are having an affair, and the platonic bond that develops between these two mid-level professionals in their crowded rooming house and antiquated offices. You can almost smell the spattering woks as your eyes drink in the colorful wardrobe and furnishings and your ears feast on Nat King Cole's lovely voice mis-prouncing some classic Spanish-language romantic songs of that era. A totally unique experience...

Cartoon and Poster:

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