Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Le Freak... C'est Chic...

Check me out on Peter's blog - a brunch photo with my visiting friends Erik & Matt.

Last night I finally saw all 66 minutes of Todd Browning's notorious 1932 film "Freaks," probably among the most controversial hours ever captured on celluloid. It's a dark, cautionary tale in which a 'normal,' beautiful female circus performer marries a circus dwarf for his money and then humiliates him. But there's a code of honor among the circus mis-shapen 'freaks', and they exact a terrible revenge. Browning used primarily real circus freaks with no acting background, achieiving a brutal realism that more than offset the flat performances. Here's a gallery of pictures and trivia from this movie. Hard to believe that this was produced by MGM, even pre-code. One extra bonus is insight into the marital, conjugal, issues faced by Siamese twins... : - )


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