Saturday, April 02, 2005

Blatant Laziness!

With 56 minutes left to the day (and two hours till we spring forward), I feel lazy. Hence I am stealing Thomas' cool pictuers of Rio de Janeiro's Petrobras building, the architectural Rubik's Cube that houses Brazil's state-owned oil company. Thomas is now back in Sao Paulo, btw, and has found a place to stay in the Pinheiros area.

This morning, I met Peter up at 68th St Loews to see a 3-D Imax Documentary, "Aliens of the Deep," about ocean life that's literally where the sun don't shine... Solar rays reach about a mile deep, and the ocean floor can lie as much as 5-7 miles below the surface. So what kind of life exists without photosynthesis, that core of the convential food chain? Well, the answer has to do with vents that steam piping hot black smoke chock full of nutrients to a motley and bizarre creatures that would do a special effects designer proud... Interestingly, this is the proving ground for future exploration of extraterrestrial life. The next-to-final frontier, if you will.

New York is all about torrential sheet of rain and cyclonic winds today.. Laziness is to be expected, doncha think? : - )

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