Tuesday, March 29, 2005

That Unstable Alloy

Well, last night Brian was lucky enough to see - and thoroughly enjoy - an advance screening of Palindromes, the new Todd Solondz new movie, to be released April 13. Solondz is fearless in his choice of subject matter - here, a 12 year old that wants to get pregnant (and is played by 8 different actresses). Solondz is the auteur of two bona fide masterpieces - "Welcome to the Dollhouse" about the agony that is junior high school, and "Happiness" about family dysfunction, dates from hell, and pedophilia. Solondz' genius is his unflinching look at our contradictions, hypocrisy, and distorted perspectives. One reviewer said he show how people are "an unstable alloy of insight and obtuseness, of tenderness and cruelty."

Check out Thomas' Sao Paulo "helipads" and Peter's court architecture.

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