Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Take Me Out

Great day, very enjoyable and successful trip, though exhausting. About to collapse. Today, Brasilia, that white-elephantine retro-futuristic vision run amok that serves as Brazil's capital. I was falling asleep during an actually exciting meeting with Brazil's equivalent of Federal Reserve governors. Lunch was lovely, at a bamboo and grass-hut open-air pavillion that served the cuisine of Bahia, family style. Bahia is famous for seafood cooked in spices, fried in dendê oil or coconut milk, and then made into casseroles like the moqueca pictured left. We actually drank some delicious Brazilian cocktails, too, 'batida de marecuja', or passion fruit shake with cachaça rum. It's great, but tonight bedtime at 8pm and no dinner, to remedy sleep underages (5 hrs 2 nights in a row) and calorie overages (avg 3000 a day vs my usual 2000-2100). AOL is working sporadically. I feel cut off, and I miss smoothies. Looking forward to coming home on Tuesday.

Best of all, I am being very forward about being gay down here, for once, and it feels great. People are mostly fine about it. It's such a different experience when you can be yourself and share your life with people you know professionally. What took me so long?

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