Monday, November 08, 2004

Finally! this luxury hotel in Rio had no internet for two days. hopefully Sao Paulo will be better. Rio is very very rainy - I feel bad for those investors who've never seen it before, visibility in this scenic paradise is close to zero. As for me, I'm doing great - this is going to be a huge success, I'm on a roll again...

Last night we ate at Porc√£o, or Big Pig, an all-you-can-eat meat festival where the waiters keep coming by with skewers of different meats until you cry 'uncle' by flipping your green coaster on its red side, and thus signaling 'Stop.' With panoramic windows right on breathtaking Guanabara Bay, which was all but invisible in the dark and the rain. At left, a local artist's rendition of our predicament. : - )

Can't access my cartoon library from here, alas. More later. Love Aaron

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